Don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our valued clients have had to say about our service:

Trauma Counsellor

“Thank you again for your sterling work on David’s behalf and for the wonderful result! And also for your collegiality with me.

You may not be looking for further clients in this area, but I can certainly advise that I would be very happy to recommend you!”

Donna B.

“I had Kim Breda representing me for a very agonising ordeal that I thought I would never get through. After meeting Kim (she drove 2 hours to see me knowing I couldn’t get to her office) she was so down to earth and spoke to me, not at me. Not like a solicitor, but like a friend. For the next two years Kim helped me cope, even out of office hours if I was upset or not on track. Even after it was all over we still kept in touch, because that’s how caring and real Kim is. I highly recommend Kim. Before she entered my life I just didn’t want to live, and other solicitors made me feel like an idiot. Kim fought long and damn hard for me and the outcome was awesome. My life is on track now and I live a happy life with my kids and grandkids. If you have Kim on your side you will come out a winner.”

David D.

“I found Kim to be honest, understanding and listens to her clients. She has a high level of attention to detail. I would recommend Kim, 5 stars!”

Kylie R.

“I highly recommend Kim as a specialist compensation solicitor.

Kim showed empathy and respect for my case which very emotional. I felt heard and that I mattered every step of the way. Kim had excellent communication throughout, I never had to worry where my case was up to. Easy explanations without all the jargon which was great allowing me to fully understand my options.” 

Farah P.

“Thank you Kim for all your help over the past year. My family and I are forever grateful. I cannot thank you enough”.


Robert F.

“To whom it may concern,

I Robert F., am writing in regards to my dealings with Kim Breda as my solicitor for my CTP claim.

Kim is extremely professional, very punctual and made me aware of every step during my claim. She’s very understanding and from the results of the case, I also saw that she worked very hard to get the best results, as my case was a difficult one.

I have the upmost regard for Kim as a professional and as a person.


Robert F. “


Kate G.

“My first experience navigating the stressors of a personal legal case were greatly enhanced thanks to the understanding and support afforded by my appointed solicitor Ms Kim Breda.

Over a period of more than two years I was always impressed by the timely anticipatory guidance Kim consistently provided, with interstate differences in law processes being clearly communicated and phone calls from my Melbourne base to her Sydney office causing no added difficulties. Kim’s thoughtful calm demeanour was reliably evidenced in her prompt responses, explanations and reassurances that were sometimes required to meet my emotional pleas for assistance in understanding law processes and making good decisions for my case.

I am most sincere in stating that the outcome of my case was positive in financial compensation but just as importantly in the care and compassion Kim unerringly provided to help me through a difficult time. It was my good fortune to have Kim ‘on my case.’

Yours Faithfully,

Kate G.”


Louise B.

“Kim Breda managed my case by seeking out the best medical advice which resulted in a healthy payout. Throughout the case Kim kept an optimistic approach, paying attention to detail and upholding a professional manner at all times.

I was especially impressed by her organisation and ability in helping to prepare me with all facets of the case.

I found the experience to be gratifying and due to the nature of the case it was handled with a holistic approach.

I refer to Kim Breda as an honest and hardworking solicitor and have no hesitation in recommending her to attain a quality outcome.”


Peter F.

“I went to Shine Lawyers approximately two years ago to engage them to represent me in a court case regarding a compensation matter between myself and another party. I met Kim Breda representing Shine Lawyers, and she impressed me immediately with her professionalism and empathy.

During the lead up to my compensation case, Kim was always available by telephone, often out of hours, and always phoned me back. She arranged appointments for me to attend to gather evidence for my upcoming court case, and was always competent, professional and confident. Especially when she arranged a meeting with a barrister for me and my wife when we were feeling very nervous about the outcome, as, like most people, it is new territory to traverse. Kim, I know, put in a lot of work on the case, and her efficiency and diligence was definitely what made for a successful outcome.

I was very happy with my outcome with Kim and the Shine barrister on the day of the court case and felt confident from the moment I saw her in the court offices on the day, and afterwards, felt very happy that I had taken her advice and gone ahead with the case to effect a just outcome on the day.


Peter F.”