If you are in the unfortunate position where a close relative, spouse or child has deceased as a result of the negligence of another person (including in a motor vehicle accident) you may be able to bring a claim under the Compensation to Relatives Act.

Compensation can be awarded for financial losses, including medical and funeral expenses, plus loss of financial support. The principle behind the loss of financial support is that the spouse or relative would have derived some financial benefit had their spouse or relative lived, and this can then be claimed into the future.

In addition to loss of financial benefits, you can also claim for any personal injury caused (for example post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety etc) as a result of the death. Such claims are assessed in the same way as any personal injury claim, and damages can be claimed for pain and suffering (non-economic loss), plus economic loss (loss of wages/earnings, superannuation) and past and future medical expenses.

If you require assistance with this type of claim please contact our offices. We offer our condolences in respect of your loss. We hope to be of assistance in this difficult time.