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Dear Knowmore officers

I wish to take a moment of your time to acknowledge your initiative in directing me to lawyer Kim Breda regarding my experience of shocking abuse as a child under the care of the NSW Department of Education while a residential student at (school name redacted).

Kim has been an extraordinary support throughout this process, which is now drawing to a close. She went out of her way to meet with me in person at the advent of the proceedings and has been a kind, thoughtful guide through the at times personally troubling journey toward resolution. We now only await appropriate letters of apology from those in charge of those offices today.

I would like to thank your members for taking the initiative to reach out to survivors like me who have lived their lives in denial. It is daunting to face such reality alone but Kim was expert at helping me see as an adult that what happened to me the child was not my fault. I would not have found her if not for your outreach. Your organization was my initial contact and I began the difficult journey by recounting the events to your caring intake officer. She then referred me to several choices of lawyer, of which Kim was one.

My journey of the last two years has been life changing and I am forever in your grace. That these kinds of behaviours continue is demoralizing but bad things happen when good people say nothing.

Through your and Kim’s support I have found my voice and am currently finalizing the final chapters of my autobiography. I shall not spare those whose neglect lead to so many lives being traumatized.

Thank you to all the invisible forces behind your organization who made my journey out of this darkness possible.